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Welcome to Barnlight Candle Company, LLC where we specialize in hand-poured small batch wood wick candles and wax melts. 
All of our products are a blend of natural, soy wax sourced from Midwest soybean farmers and cow's milk from our own small herd of registered Holsteins! 

Since we blend in milk into our candles, they act very similar to goats milk candles and are a cleaner, smoother burning candle. This means less soot and a nice even burn. If you have an extra sensitive nose for fragrance, you'll be able to experience just a tiny hint of that "milkhouse scent" that comes from raw milk straight from the cow, in some of our lighter scented products. We also know you'll love the ambience that wood wicks provide with their playful crackling and whisper effects.  
Please take a look around, we are sure you'll find something you'll love! If you'd like to read more about the owners of the company as well as the ladies that produce the milk in our candles and melts, click on the Our Story and Meet the Ladies pages.
We know there are so many different options of companies out there that you can purchase your melts and candles from, so we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering us, and supporting our small business. ♥️ 
-Amy + Philip Merritt
(and the ladies of Grand-View Holsteins)


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